There's No Place Like Home


"If we can take a house and create a home where those who live there long to be there, and those who visit long to come back, then we’ve achieved the ultimate success." 

- Terri Goethe, Owner



Terri is a designer who loves working with clients on new construction and remodel projects.

As a Kitchen & Bath Designer, she enjoys turning a boring space into a functional dream kitchen. 

Terri also spends time transforming vintage and antique furniture that has been cast aside into beautiful, repurposed and functional pieces.

1. We Make Interior Design Easy

The best part of our job is to come alongside or join forces with a client to make the entire process of creating home from what was simply a house, much easier. Whether that involves selecting paint colors for a simple update or selecting products and finishes for a complete remodel or new construction, our ultimate goal is to make the process easier and less stressful for our client, while ensuring the outcome is functional, beautiful, and perfectly suited for the style of the home and personality of the homeowners.

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2. We Collaborate with Customers 

We prefer collaboration (definition: the action of working with someone to produce or create something) in every aspect of our work. While we can recommend specific colors or products for a space, unless the client is involved by expressing their opinion or preferences, the space may not feel like home to them. Most clients have good ideas of how they want a space to look, but may not have given much thought to the specific details or nuances of how best to achieve the desired outcome. 


3. We Save Our Customers Money

While there are costs involved in hiring a designer, it often saves money in the long run. A clear project schedule and budget, along with detailed drawings, will help avoid mistakes, wasted budget dollars, wasted time and the headaches that go along with poor planning. 



Designing With Purpose

A portion of profits go to Engage Burkina & Water Mission to provide safe water to those who need it.

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